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EverColor 1 Day 日戴即棄彩色隱形眼鏡含水量 : 42.5%直徑 : 14.5mm鏡片弧度 : 8.7包裝 : 10片 / 盒..
EverColor 1 Day Luquage 10p Color Contact lenses 由人気日本明星沢尻エリカ代言的COLOR CON!EverColor 1day LUQUAGE的賣點是超大直徑14.5mm及著色直徑13.8mm,同時具備防UV功能,絕對是喜歡大眼效果必然之選!..
Aisei Ever Color 1 Day LUQUAGE大眼隱形眼鏡,由人気日本明星沢尻エリカ代言! EverColor 1 Day LUQUAGE的賣點是超大直徑14.5mm及著色直徑13.8mm,同時具備防UV功能,絕對是喜歡大眼效果必然之選!..
日本Aisei Ever Color 1 Day MOIST LABEL大眼美瞳隱形眼鏡,由人気日本明星沢尻エリカ代言! EverColor 1 Day Moist Label 賣點是超大直徑14.5mm及著色直徑13.8mm,絕對是喜歡大眼效果必然之選!..
EverColor 1 Day Natural Color Contact lenses are colors that can be used for any occasion. Enjoy the beauty effect in the most comfortable and healthy wearing feeling...
Japan Aisea Ever Color 1 Day Natural MOIST LABEL UV large-eye cosmetic contact lenses, endorsed by Japanese star Sawajiri Erika! The selling point of EverColor 1 Day Natural MOIST ..
SHERIQUE 1 DAY Color Contact lenses 10p Surprisingly true beauty contact lenses The brand-new 4-color cosmetic contact lenses are here Contouring Series - Naturally be..
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