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30 Days Buyer Protection

In order to provide customers with a more assured and satisfying shopping experience, EEConshop provides you with a 30-day shopping guarantee. Customers of this store can apply for replacement if the product is damaged by non-human factors, such as contact lens breakage (and the outer box packaging does not affect the content of the goods, so it is not listed here) within 15 days from the date of receipt.

application process

  • Please contact customer service before replacement.
  • The product must be brand new and fully packaged. If the product has quality problems, please take a photo and send it to our email: After confirmation, we will arrange for you to return the product for inspection.
  • After successfully passing the test, you will receive a telephone or email reply to notify you of the replacement process.
  • After receiving the confirmation of the returned goods, you can exchange them for other products of the same type at the original price (not including the discounted amount).
  • Please return the proof of purchase, accessories, packaging and gifts together.


A. Exchange contact information

  • Contact information:
    WhatsApp: 95571937 
  • Mailing address: G/F, No. 128, Wah On Building, Wah Fu Estate, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
  • Consignee: EEConshop Contact lens

B. Exchange postage

  • In the event of delivery errors, missing delivery, or damage to the product itself, we will bear the freight. Please pay the [Surface] courier fee in advance when you return and exchange, and we will refund the shipping fee to you.
  • If the goods are returned and exchanged without quality problems, for example, the buyer unilaterally does not like the product and requests a return or exchange, the freight required to return the goods and the freight sent shall be borne by the customer.

C. Return and exchange policy for unshipped orders

  • If you have placed an order and paid but temporarily need to replace the product, please contact customer service. We can modify and replace the product for you before the express company accepts the shipment. If the courier company has received the order, it cannot be processed.

D. Request a refund

  • Cash refunds are not accepted for return and exchange applications. You can only exchange for the same type of product at the original price or return it to a cashdollars for use in the next purchase.

E. Receipt return policy

  • Please sign for receipt after inspection. If any packaging is damaged when unpacking, please refuse to accept the goods.
  • If you sign for a package within 30 days of receipt (according to the date of receipt on the courier bill), you can exchange the goods for no reason. Please keep the bill number and ensure that the products and gifts are intact and do not affect secondary sales. Within working hours Just contact the company customer service.
  • If there is a quality problem or delivery error, please pay the courier fee first, and keep the receipt, which will be returned to you after inspection.

F. Packaging issues

  • When EEConshop sends the product, it is confirmed that the package is completed before sending the product. We will not be responsible for the damage caused during delivery.
  • The returned goods should keep the original appearance when you received the goods. If there are any gifts, please return them in full.

G. Other terms and conditions

  • Each order can only enjoy one exchange guarantee. To ensure your rights, please contact us after careful consideration. If the returned product has been opened and used, it will be disposed of as scrap and returned to the manufacturer or general agent for verification and destruction. In order to reduce the waste of resources, please carefully consider the matter of return and exchange.
  • Please cooperate with the application within 15 days from the receipt to the delivery. Late application will not be accepted.
  • The pictures and information of the product are for reference only. There may be slight color difference between the product picture and the actual product due to problems such as shooting lighting and color difference of different displays, please be considerate.
  • The company does not accept any unreasonable return request (for example: return due to personal preference). If there is a need to return or exchange, this website only includes the return and exchange of the same product, and it is not allowed to change other product styles for this reason.
  • In case of any dispute, EEConshop reserves the right of final decision and reserves the right not to accept returns or exchanges.

H. Why recycle products

  • After receiving your returned product, we will send the defective product back to the agent for testing. After the inspection report comes out, if it is confirmed that it is not human damage, but the quality of the product itself, we will promptly refund, exchange or repair according to your requirements. If the test result is no fault or a fault caused by human factors, we will notify you in time and consult your handling opinions.

I. Contact lens and care products return and exchange processing

  • In a serious and responsible attitude to users, we will seriously deal with returned products. If contact lens returned products have been opened and used, they will be treated as scraps and returned to the manufacturer or general agent for verification and destruction. (Contact lenses and nursing fluids belong to three types of medical device products, which have strict hygiene requirements and never allow reuse; the drug regulatory department has strict management requirements and reporting systems for operating medical device products.) We also remind users here , Treat returns and exchange applications with care, which reduces our operating costs and also reduces the waste of social resources. Before the product is unpacked and used, our quality inspectors will carefully inspect and verify it in strict accordance with the factory standards. If there is any defect, it will be returned to the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the product.

J. Description of contact lens quality problems

  • We only accept applications for return and exchange of contact lens lenses without damage (all contact lens manufacturers consider contact lens damage as man-made damage). New lenses must go through multiple machine scanning and manual inspection procedures when they leave the factory, generally not The lens is broken. Contact lens is a contact lens. As long as there is any small damage or gap, it cannot be worn normally (the first time you can not wear it). Wearing it will cause eye discomfort and pain, and continuing to wear it will seriously damage the cornea.
  • Most of the contact lens damage is due to the fact that when the contact lens is removed and put into the double box, the lens is not noticed to stick to the edge of the box and the lid is turned on by hand, which causes the lens to be damaged, or the wearer has fingernails Damage to the lens accidentally.

K. Important knowledge about contact lens wearing

  • Every time you remove the lens and put it into the double box, pay attention to whether the lens has been completely immersed in the care solution, and the water level of the care solution cannot exceed 3 minutes 2. Place it properly after tightening.

  • When taking and wearing contact lenses, your fingernails should not touch the lenses, nor should you use your fingernails to pick and place the lenses. The fingernails should be trimmed according to the wearing requirements; the contact lens itself is extremely delicate and easily damaged.