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Clalen Astra Estelle Gray 1 Day

Clalen Astra Estelle Gray 1 Day
Clalen Astra Estelle Gray 1 Day
Clalen Astra Estelle Gray 1 Day
Clalen Astra Estelle Gray 1 Day
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Clalen Astra Estelle Gray 1 Day

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Clalen Astra Estelle Gray 1 Day

Clalen daily disposable color cosmetic contact lenses

Flash out my dazzling life - Astra Estelle Gray

The small graphic diameter Astra Estelle Gray glitter series with a coloring diameter of 12.7mm uses a combination of gray and black circles and silver glitter to make your eyes dazzling like diamonds, blooming with eye-catching brilliance, and the magnification effect of beautiful eyes is naturally not exaggerated.

  • All series are made of American edible gold powder pigment (Mica Based Pearlescent Pigment), which is your confidence choice.

The lens also uses the original Ultra-Soo high-efficiency moisturizing technology. The moisturizing ability of sodium hyaluronate (HA) can effectively maintain sufficient moisture in the lens. Even if worn for a long time, the eyes can still be kept moist and comfortable.

Clalen Astra detail 1

Clalen Astra detail 2

Clalen Astra detail 3

Clale detail 1

Clalen detail 2

Clalen detail 3

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Contact lens
Packing Details 30 Pcs / Box
Visible color Cosmetic
Wearing time Daily Disposable
Material Hydrogel (Methafilcon A)
Base curve (BC) 8.6 mm
Diameter (DIA) 14.2 mm
Graphic diameter 12.7 mm
Water Content 55%
UV protection 99%UVB 76%UVA


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