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Air Optix Aqua MultifocalAlcon monthly disposable silicone hydrogel progressive multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia Everyone grows up to a certain stage. When reading newspap..
HK$331 HK$348
Air Optix for AstigmatismAlcon monthly disposable silicone hydrogel toric contact lenses for astigmatism ALCON provides a brand-new comfortable experience for you with astigmatism..
HK$198 HK$208
Air Optix Night & Day AquaAlcon monthly disposable silicone hydrogel sphere contact lenses ALCON AIR OPTIX NIGHT & DAY AQUA is the first pair of contact lenses that can be..
HK$255 HK$268
Air Optix Plus HydraGlydeAlcon monthly disposable silicone hydrogel sphere contact lenses The brand-new AIR OPTIX PLUS developed by Ciba Vision (now Alcon) brings you both comfort..
HK$207 HK$218
Dailies AquaComfort Plus daily disposable contact lenses, the highest moisture hydrogel lens, 69% high moisture content. The unique moisturizing technology releases the moisturizin..
HK$128 HK$135
Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal (daily)
Dailies AquaComfort Plus MultifocalAlcon daily disposable multifocal progressive contact lenses for presbyopiaThe most popular daily multifocal contact lens Dailies AquaComfort Plu..
HK$198 HK$208
Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric
Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric daily contact lenses, one of the most stable astigmatism lenses, the chance of displacement and astigmatism instability is greatly reduced. The hydro..
HK$179 HK$188
Dailies Total 1 daily disposable contact lenses, the latest hydrogel delivery 1 day lenses, using a new generation of technology and materials, combining two different materials. T..
HK$207 HK$218
Dailies Total 1 MultifocalAlcon Water Gradient daily disposable contact lenses for presbyopiaDailies Total 1 Multifocal daily disposable contact lenses, the latest hydrogel de..
HK$293 HK$308
Alcon Freshlook 1 Day Color日戴彩色隱形眼鏡 Daily Color CON Alcon Freshlook 1 Day Color series can instantly increase beautiful eyes, and the patented lens illusion technology creates nat..
HK$95 HK$103
Alcon Freshlook ColorBlends 2星期戴彩色隱形眼鏡 Bi-weekly Color Con The Freshlook ColorBlends series can increase beautiful eyes. The magic color technology of the lens brings you the most..
HK$110 HK$120
Alcon Freshlook illuminate 星鑽CON日戴彩色隱形眼鏡 1 Day Color CON Alcon Freshlook illuminate star diamond CON is specially designed for the eyes of Asian women. It can instantly increase y..
HK$164 HK$178
特有HydraGlyde®Moisture Matrix親水聚合體,有別於一般保濕聚合物只置於鏡片表面,它能有效分佈於鏡片表面的內、外層,營造出一個保濕環境。鏡片表面水分粒子更被鎖定達16小時,適合一般因長時間戴con而導致雙眼乾澀不舒服的人士轉用親水聚合體能增強鏡片親水力,有助減少鏡片因長時間佩戴而積聚的垢物及蛋白質²,讓雙眼保持水潤舒適。專門針對軟性隱形..
暫時緩解因眼睛乾澀所引起灼熱感與刺激感。 暫時緩解因配戴隱形眼鏡造成之不適。不含防腐劑配方。每件數量4支獨立包裝, 每支0.8毫升 (0.03安士)使用方法有需要時一至兩滴注意事項開蓋12小時內使用儲存方式儲存於攝氏25度以下優點保持眼睛濕潤原產地法國..
HK$98 HK$108
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