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Myopia (Nearsighted)

A variety of myopia contact lenses, brands include: Acuvue, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Clear lab, CooperVision, Delight, FreshKon, Seed, etc. Both monthly and daily disposable types are available, with a variety of degrees to choose from.

1 DAY ACUVUE MOIST Daily Disposable Contact LensesThe daily wear contact lenses purchased by the most customers do not need to be cleaned and are convenient for travel. Patented te..
Acuvue Oasys with HYDRACLEAR PLUS is a two-week disposable contact lens. The unique EYE-INSPIRED™ DESIGN technology is designed for wearers who face electronic screens for a long t..
ACUVUE OASYS 1 DAY with HydraLuxe™日戴遠視/近視隱形眼鏡ACUVUE® OASYS 1-DAY with HydraLuxe™日戴隱形眼鏡。HydraLuxe™技術,源自EYE-INSPIRED™ DESIGN,仿天然淚水因子與雙眼淚水層自然融合,令雙眼全日保持舒適,有效減低眼睛疲勞。無需清洗,方便旅遊。提供紫外線保護,有效..
ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ 全球首創ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™,能夠適應每一種情況,迅速對光線作出反應,自動調節con的顏色﹣當踏出戶外時鏡片顏色即刻變深,回到室內後又快速轉為透明,全天候適用。這款con能提供全面的UV保護,並有效過濾藍光、減少眩光,令配戴者感受到前所未有的輕鬆舒適。..
Acuvue Vita Monthly Disposable Contact lenses 經臨床實證,配戴ACUVUE VITA第四週時比其他品牌在第一週時更舒適! ACUVUE VITA採用極高透氧矽水凝膠(SILICONE HYDROGEL),為角膜提供近100%氧流量。 專利 HYDRAMAX 鎖水科技,有效保持鏡片全月水潤舒適30天,適用..
Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde Monthly Disposable Contact lenses The new AIR OPTIX® AQUA Oxygen Con developed by Ciba Vision (now Alcon) brings you both comfort and moisture exper..
ALCON AIR OPTIX PLUS HYDRAGLYDE NIGHT & DAY 30天日夜月戴遠視/近視隱形眼鏡 ALCON AIR OPTIX  PLUS HYDRAGLYDE NIGHT & DAY AQUA 是首對不分日夜都可以佩戴的隱形眼鏡。經美國食品藥品管理局(FAD)認證最長連續佩戴時間為30天,毋須..
AquaSoft 1 Day Daily Disposable Contact lensesAquaSoft 1 Day disposable contact lenses, The best alternative to A-head brand 1 Day A_____ Moist, the same two arc options: 8.5mm, 9...
博士倫 SofLens 38 月戴隱形眼鏡適合初次配戴隱形眼鏡人士。超薄鏡片設計,提供舒適配戴體驗,重拾清晰視野。獨有防蛋白物料,好似冇帶一樣。..
博士倫 SofLens 59 2星期戴隱形眼鏡適合初次配戴隱形眼鏡人士。超薄鏡片設計,提供舒適配戴體驗,重拾清晰視野。獨有防蛋白物料,好似冇帶一樣。..
Bausch + Lomb SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses are designed to provide clear vision and superior comfort. The unique and advanced high-definition (aspherical) optical design..
BioAqua for Myopia / Hyperopia Bi-weekly Contact lenses. The lenses are made of high-permeable silicon hydrogel and hydrophilic materials containing PEG lubricating molecules, whic..
Biofinity® contact lenses are produced by CooperVision, and the only consideration when designing is to "provide maximum comfort." These silicone hydrogel contact lenses combined w..
CooperVision Biomedics 1 Day Extra contact lenses bring you a more natural and comfortable wearing experience.We provide a better choice for the existing daily disposable/regular r..
CooperVision Biomedics Now aspheric lens design effectively reduces the spherical aberration of the eye and lens. Spherical aberration refers to the inability of the lens to focus ..
The official Hong Kong licensed agent Clalen-South Korea’s super popular contact lenses, with South Korea’s national goddess Suzy as the brand spokespersonThe world’s original Ultr..
CooperVision Clariti 1 Day wear silicone hydrogel contact lenses, discard them every day, so that your eyes will get whiter, brighter and healthier vision every day!FeaturesThe use..
Dailies AquaComfort Plus daily disposable contact lenses, the highest moisture hydrogel lens, 69% high moisture content. The unique moisturizing technology releases the moisturizin..
Dailies Total 1 daily disposable contact lenses, the latest hydrogel delivery 1 day lenses, using a new generation of technology and materials, combining two different materials. T..
Delight Extra 矽水凝膠隱形眼鏡 (月戴) 獨家深層保濕份子 HydrationPLUS (Hyaluronic Acid),能鎖住一千倍水份,滲入眼睛內,令雙眼整天舒適、健康。 尤其適合一些長時間於冷氣環境及對著電腦工作的人仕,能保持雙眼的舒適度。 高透氣矽水凝膠,比一般水凝膠鏡片高出5倍透氣。55%高水份材料及高柔軟度新物料Filcon..
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