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Bi-weekly farsighted

Acuvue Oasys Hydraclear PlusJohnson & Johnson bi-weekly disposable sphere (nearsighted/farsighted) contact lensesAcuvue Oasys with HYDRACLEAR PLUS is a two-week disposable cont..
ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ 全球首創ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™,能夠適應每一種情況,迅速對光線作出反應,自動調節con的顏色﹣當踏出戶外時鏡片顏色即刻變深,回到室內後又快速轉為透明,全天候適用。這款con能提供全面的UV保護,並有效過濾藍光、減少眩光,令配戴者感受到前所未有的輕鬆舒適。..
BioAqua for Myopia / Hyperopia Bi-weekly Contact lenses. The lenses are made of high-permeable silicon hydrogel and hydrophilic materials containing PEG lubricating molecules, whic..
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