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Maxim 3 Tone 1 Day 彩Con You who love Korean style, dressed in Korean style, and matched with Maxim colored contact lenses from Korea. The lens is 14.2mm straight and has a three-l..
Maxim Color Monthly 月戴彩Con 喜愛韓風的妳,一身韓式打扮,然後再配上來自韓國的Maxim Color monthly 月戴彩色隱形眼鏡。鏡片直俓達14.5mm之大, 戴上瞬間就有增大雙目的效果。三層顏色設計,營造豐富層次。加上4種各具風格的可愛顏色。Oppa與你雙目對上的一刻就註定被妳俘虜了。 EB-Buen (Black)..
Maxim Color Toric LensKorea Bi-monthly Color Toric Contact lens for Astigmatism If you want to have big eyes with astigmatism, try the world's first color contact lens with astigm..
HK$585 HK$650
Maxim 1Day 彩Con Korean style is matched with Korean Maxim colored contact lenses. The diameter of the lens is as large as 14.5mm, which can enlarge the eyes immediately after wear..
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