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14.5 mm extra big eyes

Candy Magic 1 Day Aqua daily disposable color contact lenses, endorsed by Japanese actress SAEKO, are the favorite big-eyed con of Japanese models. Which are naturally beautiful af..
Candy Magic 1 Day wears color contact lenses every day, endorsed by Japanese actress Akemi Darenogare (ダレノガレ明美), it is the favorite big-eye con in the Japanese model industry, sexy..
EverColor 1 Day Luquage 10p Color Contact lenses 由人気日本明星沢尻エリカ代言的COLOR CON!EverColor 1day LUQUAGE的賣點是超大直徑14.5mm及著色直徑13.8mm,同時具備防UV功能,絕對是喜歡大眼效果必然之選!..
Aisei Ever Color 1 Day LUQUAGE大眼隱形眼鏡,由人気日本明星沢尻エリカ代言! EverColor 1 Day LUQUAGE的賣點是超大直徑14.5mm及著色直徑13.8mm,同時具備防UV功能,絕對是喜歡大眼效果必然之選!..
日本Aisei Ever Color 1 Day MOIST LABEL大眼美瞳隱形眼鏡,由人気日本明星沢尻エリカ代言! EverColor 1 Day Moist Label 賣點是超大直徑14.5mm及著色直徑13.8mm,絕對是喜歡大眼效果必然之選!..
Japan Aisea Ever Color 1 Day Natural MOIST LABEL UV large-eye cosmetic contact lenses, endorsed by Japanese star Sawajiri Erika! The selling point of EverColor 1 Day Natural MOIST ..
Alcon Freshlook ColorBlends 2星期戴彩色隱形眼鏡 Bi-weekly Color Con The Freshlook ColorBlends series can increase beautiful eyes. The magic color technology of the lens brings you the most..
Maxim Color Monthly 月戴彩Con 喜愛韓風的妳,一身韓式打扮,然後再配上來自韓國的Maxim Color monthly 月戴彩色隱形眼鏡。鏡片直俓達14.5mm之大, 戴上瞬間就有增大雙目的效果。三層顏色設計,營造豐富層次。加上4種各具風格的可愛顏色。Oppa與你雙目對上的一刻就註定被妳俘虜了。 EB-Buen (Black)..
Maxim 1Day 彩Con 喜愛韓風的妳,一身韓式打扮,然後再配上來自韓國的Maxim彩色隱形眼鏡。鏡片直俓達14.5mm之大,戴上瞬間就有增大雙目的效果。三層顏色設計,營造豐富層次。加上5種各具風格的可愛顏色。Oppa與你雙目對上的一刻就註定被妳俘虜了。..
Japan's Secret Candy Magic 1 day Big Eye Color Con is endorsed by AKB48 Itano Tomomi. The contact lens diameter is up to 14.5 mm, which perfectly shows the bright big eye effect!..
The best-selling Color Con brand in Japan and Rakuten, Color Con, which sells tens of thousands of boxes per month, is one of the most commonly used brands by Japanese girls. You c..
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