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Acuvue Moist Daily Series

Acuvue Moist 日拋系列 是最多人使用的日戴隱形眼鏡系列。此系列包括 Acuvue Moist, Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism (散光) 及 Acuvue Moist Multifocal (漸進)。使用鏡片物料為 水凝膠 (etafilcon A),水含量是 58%,而且能平均阻擋 ~97% 的 UVB 和 82% 的UVA 紫外線。

1 DAY ACUVUE MOIST Daily Disposable Contact LensesThe daily wear contact lenses purchased by the most customers do not need to be cleaned and are convenient for travel. Patented te..
1 DAY ACUVUE MOIST for Astigmatism Contact lenses 1 DAY ACUVUE MOIST for Astigmatism, with the ASD™ rapid and stable design, reposition the lens every time you blink to maintain t..
As you get older, your eyesight will inevitably decline gradually. When reading a menu or looking at a mobile phone, take it farther to see clearly. Wearing Zuo 咁Con for many years..
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