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Acuvue Vita Monthly Disposable Contact lenses According to clinical evidence, wearing ACUVUE VITA in the fourth week is more comfortable than other brands in the first week!ACUV..
HK$242 HK$285
Air Optix Night & Day AquaAlcon monthly disposable silicone hydrogel sphere contact lenses ALCON AIR OPTIX NIGHT & DAY AQUA is the first pair of contact lenses that can be..
Air Optix Plus HydraGlydeAlcon monthly disposable silicone hydrogel sphere contact lenses The brand-new AIR OPTIX PLUS developed by Ciba Vision (now Alcon) brings you both comfort..
Biofinity® contact lenses are produced by CooperVision, and the only consideration when designing is to "provide maximum comfort." These silicone hydrogel contact lenses combined w..
Biofinity XR (for high power)monthly disposable silicone hydrogel contact lensesUnique in the market, silicone hydrogel lenses with nearsighted up to -20.00D and farsighted up..
FreshKon FR58 Monthly Disposable Contact lenses採用高親水物料,順滑邊緣鏡片設計,佩戴時更貼薄,更舒適。不論度數多少,FreshKon® 58時刻帶來清晰的視覺、舒適體驗。主要優勢:鏡片邊緣順滑貼薄,高親水性鏡片含水量58%兩星期更換,健康舒適包裝詳情 6 片 / 盒可見色調 透明建議配戴時間 每月拋棄物料 水凝..
博士倫PureVision 2 HD每月即棄高透氧CON隱形眼鏡,鏡片採用High Definition Optics技術,提升影像質素,讓你享受真正高清視野。採用矽水凝膠物料,提供超高透氧能力,讓眼睛全日都煥然舒適。採用矽水凝膠物料,提供超高透氧能力,讓眼睛全日都煥然舒適。..
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