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USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum

USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum
USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum
USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum
USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum
USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum
USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum
USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum
USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum
USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum
USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum
USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Serum


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USA Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Liquid│Long and beautiful eyelashes│Naturally dense

Every girl wants to have long eyelashes. It’s so beautiful when you blink it. But it turns out that the eyelashes are so short. It’s annoying to apply mascara and fake eyelashes. If you want to have long eyelashes, don’t worry. ? One to use Diskiiy Eyelash Growth Liquid‼ ️One stick takes 2-3 months! 100% growth of own eyelashes Eyelashes grow, thick, jet black, strong and not easy to break~

In the morning and evening, only a small amount is needed to stimulate hair follicle growth, and eyebrows and hair are effective. The composition is mild and has no side effects on your own eyelashes. It can effectively improve the inheritance of all evils: eyelashes are short, sparse, fragile, and damage to eyelashes. The principle of western medicine is guaranteed by the medical effect of an American pharmaceutical company in the early years. It was accidentally discovered that the professional formulation of eye drops: the most effective ✔️The most mild ingredient formula has been proven by hundreds of clinical trials. The 100% effect is not comparable to other brands. One Diskiiy can replace Eyelash planting, eyeliner tattoo, eyebrow tattoo, mascara!

Main ingredient description:

The biological enzyme "EPM" contained in eyelash growth fluid is composed of 10 amino acids and is part of human tissue proteins. It can produce hair cells and form tissues. At the same time, it can activate the dormant secondary hair follicle embryo tissue and make hair follicles in resting phase. The cells return to the level of division and proliferation during the developmental period, which promotes the rapid growth of eyelashes.

Main function principle / main function:

Promote the normal growth of eyelashes, improve the symptoms of hair follicle hypoplasia, and make eyelashes change

Dense, variable length

Because the hair follicle tissue of the eyebrows is at the end of blood circulation, various physiological and pathological reasons of the human body can cause the hair follicle tissue of the eyebrows

Insufficient cell nutrient supply is the main reason why most people have sparse eyebrows.

Main method of use

  1. Thoroughly clean your face before going to bed, open the eyelash extender, and gently apply the mascara to the roots of the upper eyelashes with a brush. After applying, brush the eyelashes upward with a brush to make the eyelashes curl up. You must insist on using this product every day for better results.
  2. Do not use too much each time, just use a moderate amount. Excess liquid can be applied to the hairline of the eyebrows; avoid liquid dripping into the eyes; if you accidentally get into the eyes, you can wash them with water.
  3. After use, please tightly cap the eyelash pen to prevent the liquid from evaporating.

Main safety information:

  • If you are using or have used any prescription intraocular pressure products, please use this product under the guidance of a doctor;
  • Using this product may cause brown pigmentation in the colored parts of the eyes and darken the skin of the face and eyes. It will be relieved if you stop using it;
  • Only suitable for upper eyelashes, not for lower eyelashes;
  • During the application process, this product may grow hair if it touches the skin frequently.


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