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Delight Max Toric 1 Day

Delight Max Toric 1 Day
Delight Max Toric 1 Day
Delight Max Toric 1 Day
Delight Max Toric 1 Day
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Delight Max Toric 1 Day
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鏡片完全包覆顏色不掉色;顏色不會直接觸眼球,確保配戴安全。無感鏡片設計,獨特納米技術,令鏡片表面平滑貼服,配戴後更感覺舒適。 漸變色彩及特大環圈設計,寬闊無顏色中心光學區,令視野更清晰,增加美麗動人眼神。配戴模式 每日即棄鏡片物料 矽水凝膠 (Filcon I)弧度 8.5mm直徑 14.2..
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Delight Max Toric 1 Day cosmetic contact lenses for astigmatism

Innovative and unique star-flashing patterns, with bright spots of different sizes converge into a unique galaxy, combined with shiny fructose tones, make colors blend naturally.
Equipped with an extra-large black ring design, it naturally increases the proportion of the eyes and creates a flawless and charming cosmetic contact lens.

High-tech clip color processing technology, double care

The contact lens lens completely covers the color without fading, and the color does not directly touch the eyeball. The pigment layer is sandwiched between the lens and does not touch the eyeball.
The color pigments are all approved by the US FDA and certified as harmless to the eyes to ensure safe wearing.

Extra large black ring and extra large center colorless optical zone

The extra-large black ring creates the most natural and unpretentious effect of large-eye lenses for your eyes, and the colorless optical zone in the center of the contact lens has a diameter of up to 8mm to avoid pigment blocking the field of view, making the field of vision clearer, and without obstructing oxygen directly to the eyeball and causing lack Oxygen causes red tendons.

HD effect Aspherical zoom design is clearer and more comfortable

The aspheric design reduces the optical aberration (Spherical Aberration), can improve the blurred vision caused by slight astigmatism, improve visual acuity, and make the scene more realistic and clearer.
Secondly, the aspheric design makes the lens thinner and increases the oxygen permeability. The high-definition effect is particularly effective in improving the clarity of the image when using a computer and driving at night.

Exclusive deep moisturizing to lock in moisture, moisturizing effect, all-day comfort

HA can lock a thousand times of water into the eyes, making it more comfortable and healthy to wear disposable ONE-DAY Delight MAX Toric contact lenses all day long.
It is especially suitable for people who work in an air-conditioned environment and work with computers for a long time.

Anti-UV to protect eye health

Excessive ultraviolet radiation is one of the causes of cataracts: The disposable ONE-DAY Delight MAX Toric astigmatism contact lens has ultraviolet protection function, can effectively block 95% UVB and 80% UVA and other harmful ultraviolet rays. Wear contact lenses in the sun. , Can give the eyes an extra layer of protection.

*The marking line points to the 3 and 9 hour directions, with a small horizontal line
Contact lens
Packing Details 30 Pcs / Box
Visible color Cosmetic
Wearing time Daily Disposable
Material Hydrogel
Base curve (BC) 8.5 mm
Diameter (DIA) 14.2 mm
Water Content 42%
UV protection 95%UVB 80%UVA


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