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Delight Extra Silicone Hydrogel (Monthly)

Delight Extra Silicone Hydrogel (Monthly)
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Delight Extra Silicone Hydrogel (Monthly)
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Delight Extra 矽水凝膠隱形眼鏡 (月戴)

獨家深層保濕份子 HydrationPLUS (Hyaluronic Acid),能鎖住一千倍水份,滲入眼睛內,令雙眼整天舒適、健康。


高透氣矽水凝膠,比一般水凝膠鏡片高出5倍透氣。55%高水份材料及高柔軟度新物料Filcon 5製造,令矽水凝膠鏡片亦可保持柔軟、更濕潤舒適,透氣度更比水凝膠鏡片高出5倍,配戴更為健康。

防UV保濕眼睛健康,具有紫外線防護功能,能有效阻隔95% UVB及85% UVA等有害紫外線。

Contact lens
Packing Details 6 片 / 盒
Visible color 可見淺藍色
Wearing time 每月拋棄
Material 矽水凝膠 Silicone Hydrogel Co-polymer Filcon 5
Base curve (BC) 8.7 mm
Diameter (DIA) 14.1 mm
Water Content 55%
UV protection 約 95%UVB 及 85%UVA


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