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Color Toric (Astigmatism)

Color Toric (Astigmatism) contact lenses for people who love to dress up but have astigmatism. Brands include Maxim, Delight, Seed. Provide various degrees, prices, astigmatism (CYL) and astigmatism levels, as well as disposable and daily disposable types.

Some people mistakenly believe that astigmatism contact lenses are thicker than ordinary contact lenses and will feel uncomfortable when worn. In fact, with the improvement of technology and materials, the lens thickness of astigmatism contact lenses is the same as that of ordinary contact lenses, and there is no difference when worn.

Delight Max Toric 1 Day cosmetic contact lenses for astigmatismInnovative and unique star-flashing patterns, with bright spots of different sizes converge into a unique galaxy, com..
Eye Coffret 1 Day UV M Toric 日戴散光彩色隱形眼鏡 SEED, a famous Japanese contact lens manufacturer, has launched its first colored astigmatism contact lens – Eye Coffret 1 Day UV Toric M ..
Maxim Color Toric Lens (Bi-monthly) Domestic Contact lens for Astigmatism If you want to have big eyes with astigmatism, try the world's first color contact lens with astigmatism..
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