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Biotrue 1 Day Multifocal

Biotrue 1 Day Multifocal
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Biotrue 1 Day Multifocal
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Biotrue 1 Day for presbyopia

Bausch + Lomb daily disposable multifocal Contact lenses

Clear vision in the near to far-range

Presbyopia problems may cause inconvenience in reading. Bausch & Lomb Biotrue 1-DAY for Multifocal uses all-focus optics to design the lens power to change gradually from the outside to the inside, with the physiological response of the pupil to zoom in and zoom out, and the near and middle vision images are also clear and natural.

All-focus optical lens design

  • Adding close-range visual strength without zooming in on text or images
  • Add middle distance vision degree to easily handle paperwork, work more handy
  • Join the long-distance vision degree to enjoy the long-distance landscape, and say goodbye to the trouble of wearing glasses

Contact lens
Packing Details 30 Pcs / Box
Visible color Transparent
Wearing time Daily Disposable
Material Hypergel (Nesofilcon A)
Base curve (BC) 8.6 mm
Diameter (DIA) 14.2 mm
Oxygen permeability 42 Dk/t
Water Content 78%
UV protection Yes


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